Improve your seated posture today

SitApp is a FREE desktop app that monitors your posture and reminds you to sit up straight.

Improve my posture
Good posture at a computer
Bad posture at a computer

Slouch much?

Slouching in front of a laptop all day isn’t great for your body and over time can lead to muscle tension, dysfunction and pain.

Enter SitApp — a simple way to help you establish better posture habits.

SitApp monitors your posture in real time and reminds you to sit up straight when you start to slouch.

It’s that easy. Better posture – happier body!

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Easy to use

Download SitApp , follow a few simple setup steps to recognise your working space and posture, and you're away.


Track your progress and see your posture improvements over time. Change how you feel about sitting.

Privacy first

SitApp is built with your privacy in mind. No images are ever stored or transferred, so you can have complete peace of mind.


Setting up SitApp
The SitApp dashboard
The SitApp mini control window
The SitApp nano window


People all around the world are seeing fantastic improvements by incorporating SitApp into their daily routine

I have genuinely been slouching much less because of SitApp.


CEO of Fuzzy Labs

It's great to have something to remind me about my posture, it's just so helpful!


Freelance Marketing Director

SitApp is such a great solution to a problem we all face in our daily lives.


Via ProductHunt

Frequently Asked Questions

SitApp uses automated machine learning techniques to get to know your posture. Using the feed from your webcam, it notices when you start to slouch and will remind you to adjust your posture.

SitApp is currently completely free to use.

SitApp takes privacy extremely seriously. All the computation to detect if you are slouching happens on your computer alone - your webcam feed is never sent over the internet or ever available to any third party.

Yes. SitApp works for both sitting and standing desks. It will work in any setting you can imagine, so long as the app can see you via the webcam.

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